About the Nakanoshima future city planning council

◎ Overview of the Nakanoshima future city planning council

Nakanoshima is located in the urban area of Osaka city. It has an abundance of green areas and water , which is surrounded by the Dojima and the Tosabori rivers. Nakanoshima is the center of business activity with Japan’s leading companies as well as the symbol island with cultural and historical buildings. The Nakanoshima future city planning council is promoting further development and revitalization of Nakanoshima with the land owners in the area.

◎ Goals and contents

  • 1.Consideration and implementation of initiatives that contribute to city revitalization and city promotion in the area through the cooperation between the public and private sectors
  • 2.Consideration and implementation of town management that contributes to city revitalization.
  • 3.Consideration and implementation of measures to strengthen cooperation between Nakanoshima area and the surrounding areas.
  • 4.Discussion and coordination related to city development plans in the area.
City vision and city development activities
■Nakanoshima city development philosophy (planned in 2005)
■Nakanoshima city vision (planned in 2008)

“Nakanoshima – Aqua metropolis Osaka’s symbol island as well as attractive, vibrant and creative city”

◎ City development goals
~Utilize the advantage of Nakanoshima to connect to the future ~
  • Reinforce the identity as a leading business city.
  • Create a new vibrant city by gathering attractive businesses.
  • Aim to be a new cultural creation and information hub with historical and cultural assets.
  • Create tourist spots with the natural environment and transportation networks.
◎ City development philosophy
  • Create a network style city with industry-academia-government collaboration and integration among areas.
  • Create an eco-friendly city contributing to the low-carbon society and barrier free access design.
  • Create city views with an atmosphere “unique to Nakanoshima” blending of the green areas and water.
■Nakanoshima environmental vision (planned in 2010)
■Nakanoshima city development concepts (planned in 2013)
The goal is to create “emergent Nakanoshima” with the synergy among various functions gathered in Nakanoshima area while cooperating with other areas.
◎City development concept

◎City development idea in Nakanoshima west region